Pilates or Pila-tease? 5 Easy Ways to Know to Whether or Not Your Pilates Class is Authentic.

No todo lo que se llama Pilates lo es.
Y tu haces Pilates???

The Pilates Project Blog

not pilates (small)-2“Suped-up”, “infused” or Pilates “inspired” workouts… we’ve heard it all. Can these workouts work? Sure. Will you sweat? Sure. Will you lost weight? Gain muscle? Become more flexible? Have fun? Maybe. But are you doing Pilates? Maybe not. Pilates is an amazing workout known for creating long, lean muscles, strong abs, alleviating back pain, improving posture and changing your body for the better. But just because your class is called Pilates doesn’t mean it actually is. In fact, since the term “Pilates” was ruled generic and unrestricted after a failed trademark lawsuit in the year 2000, anyone (trained or untrained) can offer you a Pilates class. So, if you find yourself asking these 5 questions, you are probably not doing Pilates:

  1. Why can’t I feel my abs working? Centering is one of the 6 principles of Pilates. In Pilates everything is initiated from a stable, centered place. This kind of…

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